Friday, February 18, 2011

Black Plague/Flu/Death

Some of you expressed enthusiasm for the idea of hearing about my "Everyday Adventures". So I'm here today to relate the everyday adventure of being sick.

It's like this-Baby Arianna is sick on Tuesday and, unbeknownst to us, our house becomes a virtual incubator of viral plague. Wednesday morning we are feeling a little funny and grocery shopping falls to the much more palatable idea of staying home and resting. Wednesday evening rolls around and we are feeling sick indeed, call into church, I'm so sorry I'm sick and I can't teach my class tonight, would you mind taking over for me thank you so much you're a lifesaver. Wednesday night and we're....well...the only ACCURATE way to describe it is the worst sickness that has ever happened to anyone in the history of forever (I kid, I kid!). Thursday I am too sick to watch poor baby and the day is spent laying down, feeling awful, and avoiding food. Friday, today, I am sad to report that I am still quite under the weather. But I am upright, breathing, and fit to type!

Now I think it's important to tell you that only my mother and I have gotten sick so far, which brings me to a portion of this post I am going to call

I have an awesome little brother.

On Wednesday morning he noticed I was feeling unwell, so he made me my favourite breakfast.

A grapefruit.

And even though I wasn't quite hungry, the gesture was sweet!

Thursday comes around, and the adults in his house are dead to the world.

"Do I have you take care of you like little children? Uhhhh. Okay?"

 He makes us rice. He bikes down to the corner convenience store to buy us ginger ale. We have blankets and pillows. He tells us, most gallantly, that we CAN watch "Mooshy girly stuff" on Netflix, he doesn't mind.

Moral of the story: Being sick is lame, but it helps if you're blessed with a little brother who often acts like a big one.

A big brother, that is.


  1. Brothers have their moments of being absolutely wonderful. Appreciate him while you have him. ♥

  2. This happened in our house. 3 of us were down for two-four weeks and my 10 year old daughter was immune. How'd she DO that?

  3. Yay for Noah! That's the boy I have come to love through your Mom's blog. He must be great... for here you are singing his praises as well.

    Hoping for a much brighter and better week for your sweet family!


  4. That's awesome of him! I don't remember my little brother EVER doing anything like that when we were growing up. He would do that now, mind you, but now he lives 6 hours it doesn't happen. Enjoy it!

  5. As always it sounds like you have a very loving, caring family! Cherish it, not everyone is so lucky. Oh, and it's it wonderful when the young ones are willing to take care of the bigger ones, because they know their help is needed and they are so willing to provide?

  6. Now that's a good boy! Go, Noah!

    I hope you're feeling better by now.

  7. Awwww....that is so sweet, what a kind young man that Noah is. The flu hit our home last week as well, it's now long gone and can stay there! Feel better and stay well....Heather

  8. Ganeida, Brothers are the best, and I appreciate mine SO much!

    Hil, I don't know but I wish I had that power! Really, I get every virus and cold that comes around these parts!

    Becky, He's a lovable kid (most of the time :P)! And this week has started off mucho better, thank you!

    Jenni, I'm so blessed to have him! I always wanted a big brother and here he is turning into one.

    Birbitt, Thank you, my family is pretty fab :)

    Lady D, He's the best! Three cheers for Noah! And I'm feeling all better, thanks.

    Vintage girl, This flu that's been going around is absolutely KILLER. Man. Seriously. The worst.

  9. Aw, what a sweet brother you have! Sorry to hear you've been sick. :/