Monday, February 14, 2011

Today is the first day

Amelia Faith.
Twenty years old.

Mad and passionate lover of coffee.

Okay, okay, hi guys! 

Here are some things that may or may not be important.

 About me.

 Because I know you're interested.

  • I am a girl.  Obviously, you may be saying to yourself: why is she telling us this? Well, I am telling you because it is very important. I love being a girl. I am a very girly girl. Okay, yeah, my little brother has a habit of calling me his "big brother", so maybe I'm not always a girly girl. But mostly I am. I'm a big brother in a skirt.
  • I live at home. Home meaning a big yellow Victorian house in a small town in New York along with my mother, sister, and brother. Yes, I'm 20 and still living at home. Yes, I'll tell you about that later.
  • I love making things. I especially love making things pretty ♥
  • I don't date. No way. This doesn't mean I'm a snob, or that I don't like boys. It means I'm waiting for the right man. So until God decides I'm ready for him, there are better things to do!
  • I make stupid faces all the time. It's not super attractive. But it's just the way I am. Or something. You'll see.
  • I am a huge fan of friendliness, optimism, and positivity. Looking on the bright side is almost always the best choice!
  • I love Jesus. This is the most important one. He is my rock. I try to be like him every day, I try! I try but I always fail. That's the miracle of salvation though, every time I mess up, every time he's there to forgive me. It's always been super hard for me to articulate my feelings about my faith, but I will tell you that it is the most important thing. Jesus is the most important thing!
  • I'm totally serious about the coffee. Love the stuff. One cream, one sugar, my day is made. My love can be bought with coffee almost.
What about you, anybody anybody anybody? Tell me something important about YOU. Then give me a link to your blog, so we can be friends!

As long as you're not creepy.


  1. Only one important thing? Well I'm a friend of your mum's ~ why I have no idea 'cause she's never met me but she seems to think I'm funny & smart. She may be delusional ~ or it may be the coffee. I used to be way more serious about the coffee when I was younger. My 21 yr old lives at home. My 23 yr old lives at home. The 15 yr old is planning her escape...but that may be a Math thing.

  2. Good morning Amelia Faith! Love your 'you' list! Your Mom is a wonderful lady and raised and is raising such thoughtful, kind and caring children....can't wait to hear more about you and your everyday adventures. I am married and have three children....13 y/o daughter and 2 sons, 21 and 22 y/o and yes the boys are at home too. Just fine with me. ~smile~ On the coffee subject....I have only had one sip of coffee in my whole 45 years! It was in college and nope, didn't like it and haven't tried it since. Yet I LOVE the smell of it brewing. I'm not a tea drinker either....I guess I'm not grown up yet! I did have a blog yet turned it off for awhile. I look forward to visiting with you often. Heather

  3. You're as delightful as your mama!

    Looking forward to learning more about you.

  4. Yay! You have a blog! I'm definately going to 'follow' a non-creepy-sort-of-way.

  5. About me? Hm. Well, I don't date either (perhaps because I am married to the man the Lord prepared for me) and I don't do coffee, so we part ways there I am sorry to say, but I understand as I have the same feelings towards chocolate...and I definitely love the Lord too!

  6. What a refreshing post! I don't drink coffee,mostly diet coke. The lord will be the best friend you will ever have. I am following your blog, you are welcome to follow mine as well. Blessings jane

  7. Yum, Coffee! I love the pic seriously. I am both a coffee and a tea drinker, depending on my mood at the time, as well as the time of day. Oh, and I found you from your Mom's blog. :)

  8. I have to get my daughter to check out your blog. She is younger than you but I would love for her to read all of the cool stuff I bet you are going to write. She is a lover of coffee too!
    We have coffee night several nights a week...not sure how it kept getting more often....really.

    Your Mom is very dear to me and through her blog I have seen glimpses of you. Hope to meet you one of these days. In the meantime I will enjoy reading right here!

    Becky K.

  9. Yay! Amelia has a blog. I'll look forward to hearing what you have to say. Something important about me? Hmmm... how about I've been praying for you for some time now and I think you are a lovely young woman. :) And I'll be following you in a totally non creepy way also. Have fun with your blog!

  10. How awesome! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be there right from the beginning of your blog! I so look forward to reading all about you and your adventures through life.

    Something important about me? Hmmm...

    The most important aspect of my life is my marriage. We're celebrating our 20th anniversary this year!

  11. Yeah, Amelia has a blog!!!

    ....fashionable, cute, beautiful, lover of coffee, and definitely a LOVER of are a VERY special young lady.

    AND I do date, but it's only with my husband, and we didn't date before we were married. Our first kiss was at our wedding.....

    I can't wait to learn more about you. You are already very dear to me.

  12. Welcome to the blogosphere! I live at home too and love it! I don't date either :) I look forward to reading more about you!

  13. Hooray! You are already following me so, I guess just keep following to find out all about me!

  14. Ganeida, I know you! Or of you. I think you're funny and smart as well. And, um. Math is a super good reason to escape, I'm just saying!

    Vintagegirl, aww, good morning to you too! Or, good afternoon now. My mom IS a pretty fantabulous lady, only I don't know if my everyday adventures will be quite as good as hers...I'm sad to hear that your blog is turned off though, I was gonna go have a look-see :(

    Terry, PFFT, no, not me! I look forward to learning more about you too though, hows that~

    Jenni, Yay, you have a blog too! I think I might make my way over there and not-creepy-follow YOU.

    Seekingmylord, Ahh, it seems like coffee is not so popular around here, so sad...I do have some very fond feelings towards chocolate though. And it's Valentines day, THE CHOCOLATIEST DAY OF THE YEAR. CELEBRATE!

    Jane, I used to drink diet soda all the time, and when I say all the time I mean ALL. THE. TIME. Now I just drink it SOME. OF. THE. TIME. Haha.

    Birbitt, I never thought I would type so much about my drinking preferences, but I love tea as well! Peppermint tea or spiced chai are my favourites. And I'm pretty sure everyone found me from my mom's blog, oh my :P

    Becky K, you should get your daughter to write her own blog, and then we can be blogger-y pals! My mom is very dear to me too, and I'd love to meet you someday, even though I don't know you, haha.

    Kristine, aww, thank you! It really means alot to me that you've been praying for me! Really, really, more than I can say!!

    Patricia Miller, thanks, I look forward to WRITING about all my adventures. And 20 years, what a blessing, congratulations!

    Joshswife, Haha, you're too sweet! And kudos on dating your husband, sounds like a good time :) And I've just been informed that you're the mother of one Jael, heyyy there~

    Bethany Lynn, It seems like we could have a whole lot in common then! But! I can't get to your blog? Do you have one? Is it private? Can I see? Please<3

  15. AHH SARAH. After that whole long comment I come back and there's you! Anyways, I secretly love you, I hope we'll be friends :)

  16. amelia! yay! you have a blog. I just know your blog will be vibrant and fun. I'll be back for sure!
    Hey, did you do much needlefelting after you were here? have been wondering about that!
    happy valentines day!

  17. It looks like you are going to be as nicely funny as your mother. I’m 27 and live at home, so I have you beat by seven years. :) My Lord and Saviour is first in my life as well.

  18. Amelia!

    You're a girl I would love for my daughters to be friends with! Especially my 19 year old! She needs a pal her age. She blogs, rarely posts though and almost all photography! Visit her if you get a chance will you?

    I love your Momma's blog and I think I am gonna love yours too!

  19. I was so happy to see you now have a blog. :D
    I can't wait to read what you post.
    Looks like this is going to be very fun, enjoyed reading a bit about you.

    Have a lovely day!

  20. Yay - I've been waiting :-) That's my creepy fact - I wait. Also, I can tell the difference between 'smokey' coffee, 'nutty' coffee, and 'fruity' coffee. Yum.... We must be kindred spirits :-)
    Glad you have a blog girlie! Way to go, looking forward to reading it - A lot.
    God bless ya
    (21 and also at home and 'dateless' HA!)

  21. P.S. Turtle Heart??

  22. PS ~ Math is enough to make one take a one way ticket to the next galaxy. Unfortunately for Star & I it's compulsory. Unfortunately for Star I can't do her math so she's on her own. Unfortunately for me my Star is not a girl who likes to be on her own.

  23. Amelia, of course I couldn't resist your mom's outstanding referal, had to see who and what this was all about. Yeah, you're mom's cool, but you must be pretty special, too, to be
    - home and proud of it,
    - love your mom and proud of it
    - committed to God's love story for you, and proud of it!

    Good for you. You are making wise choices and you will reap the benefits of these choices for the rest of your life. I was exactly where you are when I was 20. It's a wonderful season. And nannying is such a delight - I did my share as well and am so grateful for the mommying experience it gave me.

    I blog over at All That Is Good, but I wanted to refer you to a friend's blog - she is single and serving the Lord and I think you would enjoy her blog -

    Have a lovely day and would love to meet in person some time! (has your mom told you we are trying to get together? :))

  24. Hello!
    I'm not creepy, but I'm old,
    And in life I'm pretty bold.

    At home to stay I love it truly,
    and try to keep the kids UNruly.

    The bible is my guide in life,
    It helps to keep down on the strife.

    I blog at wordpress in my chair,
    I hope to see you one day there!
    ~Mrs. R

  25. Hey, I already love your blog! And I can tell that you have a great sense of humor :-)
    And, coffee. is. the. best. Can't wait to read more!

    Chelsea (It's About Friends)

  26. Mrs. Neroni, I have done some needle felting, though very little I can say I'm proud of! I'll have to post up some of it here sometime.

    AwaydownSouth, Sometimes I'm too much like my mother really. We do that thing where we say the exact same thing at the exact same time and my brother will say "You two need to get AWAY from each other!"

    Mrs. Rabe, I would LOVE to be friends with your daughters, I have so few girl friends IRL...I went ahead and followed her, she seems FAB.

    BrielleCostumes, Well thanks for coming by and reading. And commenting :)

    Umm, Ann? We may secretly be the same person. I don't know how you feel about that, but I think it's awesome. INTERNET HIGH FIVE!

    Trina, Awwwuh, ya'll are just TOO sweet! And I will absolutely go over there and give her blog a look, thanks for the recommendation.

    Honeyfromflintyrocks, you wrote me a poem?! Cool. Cool. Beans.

    Chelseaaaaaa, I'm glad to see I have another coffee kindred spirit! I can't wait to read more of what you have to say as well :)

  27. Hey! Your blog looks like a fun place to be. I hopped over from your Mom's place, and I got there by sneaking in behind Ganeida. Which is kinda funny because I'm at least twice as big as she is; just not as smart. :-) I'm learning to like coffee, and love the Lord Jesus. Nice to meet you.

  28. Welcome to blogland! One thing about me? Well, the one that will give you the best perspective is that I'm Jael's Nana! ;-)

  29. Hi! I am so glad to read your blog!! I follow your mom's blog, and our mother's follow each other's blogs! (I am Kristine's daughter, just so's you know.) I don't blog very often, but mine is: God bless!

  30. I love your blog Amelia, I've been following your mom's blog for a while now, and was excited to see that you had a new blog. I love the name you chose, "whimsy" is one of my favorite words!
    Looks like we have a lot in common, each one of your "about you" points can apply to me as well. Especially the coffee and dorky faces :)
    Something about me? Hmm, tough not to give you a long list (you can go to my profile for that ;), I love beauty, I like to find the beauty in things, I like to find the profound in the simple, I love to sing, and I love life.
    My blog is

  31. Mamaolive, Ahaha, I think the majority of us are two (or three, or four) times the size of skinny ganeida! And thank you!

    LadyD, Ah, family of the famous jael strikes again!

    Stephanie, Haha, oh moms...if it wasn't for MY mom I know no one would have come to my blog. I hope you blog kind of often, because I'm following you now, muahaha!

    Elissa, Wow, it DOES look like we have alot in exciting, I love that!! Oh my, coffee and dorky faces, those are the best :P I can't wait to read your blog a bit more thoroughly :)

  32. I really like the looks of your blog! You may check out mine at