Monday, February 28, 2011

DIY weekend

Alrighty, first of all I'd like to thank SeekingMyLord for the Stylish Blogger sweet♥ Thank you!

Now, on with the show :)


Recently I've been redoing my bedroom. On a, um, shoestring budget. Shoestring budget here meaning Basically No Money budget.

It's pretty fun!

My walls which were once a year-2002-era lime green are now a pearly grey.

I was given a beautiful futon frame by a family at our church and I'm currently making do with my twin mattress on it while I save for a full size futon. I did buy a lovely new quilt from Urban Outfitters ($30 ON SALE! Best!) and a white comforter from Target ($15) to replace my decrepit old neon daisy bedclothes.

My big spend though was a closet system to turn my wall into my closet so my closet could be book storage space. It was way too much. I won't even tell you. So now my shoestring budget is absolutely shot. I shamelessly stole curtains from my generous mother. I also took my generous mother's old sewing desk and ripped out the (broken) sewing machine to make room for my legs. Being tall is a curse. Now, out of things to steal from my generous mother, I had to look within my own collection of stuff and stuff to cover my bare, lonely walls.

Well, I have a lot of paper.

Bought it at Michael's with a gift card.


Paper triangles...

...and ribbon, and fabric flowers...

...make flag banners!

I found the idea for this one at the Martha Stewart website, and after just a little modification ...

...I have a fantastic wreath-y thing to cover a rather, err, unsightly spot on my wall!
I love doing things like this. And honestly, I like them much better than what I could have bought at the store!

Shoestring Budget = Awesome Budget, apparently~


  1. Awesome!! You did a fantastic job on the budget, decor and scoring curtains from your Mom!! Love the colour and how happy your space looks. Enjoy....Heather

  2. Hmmmm, loverly - simply loverly. You are a handy little chic, my dear - which is very cool!

  3. P.S. Just read my comments - I'm so glad you liked the package!!!!! Oh joy :-)

  4. awesome job! another really cool way to decorate is to take picture frames (the legal paper size - 2 dollars a piece at walmart) and put a piece of scrapbook paper in each one. then hang them on the wall! it ends up looking really nice, i have 2 rows of three hanging in my living room.

  5. Ooh, so cute! I've had the itch to completely re-do my room this week to, but since I've spent a lot of time decorating it with the theme I have now, I don't think I'll give into temptation. I've consoled myself with organizing drawers and throwing away trash bags full of old junk! Tomorrow I dive into the horror of the pit of despair. Otherwise known as my closet. It's not that I just shove junk in it all the time, it's that I've been collecting for my hopechest since I was ten, and now that I'm nearing 19, my very tiny closet has become a monster! All my bags and clothes don't help much either. :) Thankfully I freed up a whole big drawer today, so maybe I can transfer some stuff there!

  6. What a lovely idea! Very pretty and fresh new style. I re-did my room on a shoestring budget can actually make it fun and creative to have no money. ;) at least that is what I tell myself.
    Will you post pictures of your room all done?
    It sounds like it will be lovely.

  7. Oh how fun! I love all the paper crafts! Will we get pictures of before and after everything is done? :o)

  8. Lady D, Aw, thanks <3

    Vintage Girl, Don't you love that pearly grey? No one but me thought it would look good, I feel vindicated in my paint choice now!

    Bethany Lynn, Why thank you Bethany Mystery Lady :P

    Ann, Coming from a handy woman like you, that's quite the compliment, thaaaaaank you.

    SweetMystery, That's a really good idea! I might try it out myself.

    Elissa, HAHAHA, "pit of despair", I feel for you! My entire bedroom was a pit of despair for awhile there...but I love throwing away all that junk in the end. It makes me feel so POWERFUL :P

    Brielle and Nabila, I'm absolutely going to post photos when it's finished!! I'm so proud of how it's turning out I don't think you could stop me from showing off...I forgot to do before pictures though, oh noooooooo!