Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Excuses, excuses.

 I promised myself I would post every day for my first week here.

Only, today I am sick. I am quite sick. I do not want to write a post, I want to sleep forever.

So, here is my lazy lazy post.

Consider yourselves enlightened to the tragic consequences of bad literature!

I'm off to sleep and/or die now.


  1. I really like that! Is so true!! Im going with the one on the right!

    Hope you get better!

    Sami(saw your comment on the Mortons blog{I know them})

  2. Oh dear...I do hope you are feeling better very soon.

  3. First Rule: Define your terms. What do you mean by bad literature?

    Hope you are soon well enough to address this issue in some depth. ♥

  4. I love the little girl's haircut. I hope that you feel better soon!

  5. Haha, I love it: Bad Literature as a gateway to hedonism and perpetual isolation. Is this in the public domain? I rather want to use this for my next practice teaching assignment. High school English students need to know these things!

    I hope you feel much better soon :)

  6. Great post even though you were sick! Very thoughtful and so true. We all need to feed our minds on the best fodder available! Hope you are feeling better soon. Blessings jane

  7. Wow. I'm thoroughly warned. Thoroughly.
    Hope you feel better soon, chica!
    Sleep sweet.....

  8. Sami, It's true AND presented in such a cute graphic! Hope to see you again:)

    Becky, Thank you!

    Ganeida, You know, I'm not sure!! As someone who probably read a good deal of "bad" literature, I'm not sure I can attest to the accuracy of this chart:P

    Hil, my mom has little charms with these pictures on them, they are the cutest thing! And I must admit to loving miss Fast Life and Dissipation's hat.

    Andi, I imagine it's in the public's from an early 20th century manual on “social hygiene.” :) And thank you!

    Jane, Ah, thank you <3

    Ann, CHICA. CHICA. I hope you know that I call people chica all the time, I don't know but the creepycosmicclonecousincrazy is becoming more probable by the day. And yes. You are SO warned now. All that bad literature as a child is absolutely why you are now living this life of flirting and "coquettery", with your fur hood and over the shoulder glances!

  9. I wonder what happens to the good girl at age 40? They skipped 34 years of her life!