Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Alrighty-o guys, I'm back from my unscheduled blog vacation. It seems that what was meant to be a simple 3 day weekend has turned into more than a week of writing free days. Oooooooops!

My only excuse for this is that the past ten days have had more than their fair share of comings and goings and events and crazy. A very good friend left for Boston and my beloved Casey came back from India. There have been concerts and there have been midnight trips to Denny's that may have involved the perfect veggie burger. There have definitely been many intense car rides. Emotional intensity probably was the most draining thing about these days, most of my closest friends are going through some really tough times and I am pretty absorbed in that and them. I guess that's my real excuse for my no-bloggy week.

But now, you see, I am turning over a new leaf. No, really, I am. I'm completely not joking and 100% serious. I am finally used to being home now and it seems high time for me to start myself on a schedule for self-betterment, including, but not limited to;

Waking up earlier to do my Pilates (I have passionate love for Pilates you guys)

Eating healthier (Sarah, you're my inspiration on this one!)

Eating on a more normal human schedule (No more breakfast at 4PM)

Cooking more interesting foods (Ohhh, I have some good posts on this one all set up. STAY TUNED.)

Devoting real and specific time to my art (As in, maybe an hour a day? I'm not sure about how to implement this one, but it needs to be done, do doubt, no doubt.)

Sewing my clothing instead of buying it (I buy too much clothing. It's my main vice.)

Sleeping more (If I can. Anyone have cures for insomnia here? I'd be super grateful!)

And last but absolutely not least, posting here at least 4 times a week. Maybe this means setting up my posts in advance over the weekend, or waking up even earlier to write between Bible and working out (PILATES! I LOVE IT!). I don't know. But it's really important to me, I kind of love doing this, and I kind of totally love you guys. So don't leave me! I'm still here!


  1. So glad to hear you are still alive. :o) We all go through random breaks some intentional some not so much. :o)

  2. Whew! You have been busy. Glad to see that you seem well. I look forward to hearing your meal ideas.

    Have a super day.

  3. No worries, we haven't left yet ;) In fact, I popped by earlier this morning just to make sure my blog reader hadn't had any slip ups! I was happy to see this post when I logged back in :) Looking forward to your upcoming posts! <3


  4. My dearest Turtleheart,
    The only sure fire cure I have found for insomnia is prayer. No, I am not kidding. There it is 3AM & I'm bright~eyed & bushy tailed so I think, well, best put the time to good use & get in some solid prayer time & voila! I'm asleep within minutes & never even notice I'm dropping off! So sad. Other things that may help: Brisk walk outside in God's fresh air filling the ol' lungs with plenty of oxygen followed by a warm bath, a warm milk drink [no stimultants allowed! ☺ sorry, keep the coffee out.] & maybe some soothing music with some scripture.

    You are totally allowed blog holidays so long as you return & share with your devoted followers. Nice to have you back. ♥

  5. Amelia, your comment on my blog made me giggle so much! My garden may look nice and pretty, but that's mostly because I have my mom keeping an eye on it for me. I am seriously HORRIBLE at gardening and such, I am just like you, I kill plants just by looking at them! I killed an Aloe Vera plant a few months ago. Aloe Vera. Like the hardiest plant in existence. :) When my mom was ill last year, I killed about 4 of ner houseplants.

  6. You can do this... You can. I believe in you. "Self betterment" is in your future, I can feel it. Though I find you pretty "bettered" already... I like pilates too - will you *puleeze* stop copying me?

  7. I know that I am about a week and a half late in posting this, so I hope you read it (I have also been on a 'vacation from blogging'). I also have a LOT of trouble sleeping, so here is what I do. I drink a cup of hot tea (usually Yogi brand bedtime tea) and I read some Psalms and then I pray. I agree with Ganeida, prayer is the key. After my almost ritualistic bedtime prayers, I experience some of the BEST sleep EVER! But the hot tea doesn't hurt either! Glad to see you back! :)