Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Getting things in the mail is my favourite.

Ohh, the other day I was having a Day. 
You know what I mean. 
A Day with a capital D.
Not exactly a Bad Day, but a Day nonetheless. 

So, anyways, it's 5:00 and I spot something on the dining room table. It's suspiciously package-like. Curiosity starts. Why isn't it opened? I cautiously make my way towards it, creeping soft and silent as a lynx who doesn't want to wake up the baby moby-wrapped to her torso.

I pick it up.
"What's that?" asks my dear mother.
"A package...not yours?"
"That's weird..."
At this point Noah interjects with a blindingly nonchalant "Oh yeah, that came today".  Packages are unimportant to him, I suppose.

They are WAAY important to me though, and after having the brilliant idea to actually look at the box, I find out that this one is for me.


And it's from Ann (over at Washboard Storms), my cosmic cousin clone crazy chica. Man man man man man I'm so excited now...

There is a cryptic message on the outside of the envelope...what could it MEAN?!


And just in case you can't read what she wrote there, I'll type it out here. Because I wouldn't want you to miss it. Because it may be the best and most encouraging and wonderful and adorable and wise card I have ever gotten.

Dear Amelia, 
Well hey now there then! How goes it? So this is an odd thing, ain't it? To be sent a used coffee cup from someone you have never met...Ah well, don't fear, I will not send you ALL of my trash, but I saw this idea somewhere, sometime, and since you LOVE coffee, and you are a writer, I assumed you would be needing a coffee cup pencil holder. TA DA!
Here's the story: I drank this cup of coffee on a day when I didn't know if my life was going to be right-side out or upside down. You just never know with this life, and I think some of us never know even MORE than the rest of the population. Right?
What's to do? Wait with hope- not dread or fear or anxiety. It sounds all bubbly and nice, but it's really hard work and it takes guts and coffee. I think you have access to both. In my long life I have never known the Lord to fail in love or goodness, and HE is who we wait on - our hope is not ashamed because he is mighty and able and willing.
Love, Andrea (Ann)

So, Ann? Yeah, I'm waiting with hope. Thank you for making my Day right-side out~


  1. What a very wonderful thing to receive. OOoh, girl, you are going to love blogging as much as you love coffee!

    Smiling for you!

  2. Dear Girl - I am ever grateful that you liked the trash-- - I mean package :-) God bless you as you wait with hope on Him.
    It looks absolutely perfect with your pencils (I knew it would)
    Peace to thee

  3. P.S. I am deeply honored to have you for a cosmic cousin - that's utterly delightful and I've never had one before.....

  4. Awww, what a wonderful cosmic cousin....extremely encouraging, and God knew when you would be having a Day!

  5. Oh how wonderful! :o) I love that idea! :o) Good job Ann! ;o) And thanks for sharing Amelia! :o)

  6. I think sweetness just oozes like honey at your house. Thanks for sharing a drop of it.