Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So much for productivity.

So, who here has heard of Polyvore?

I've known about it for a while now, it's really just a website where you make outfits out of whatever clothing you want. Perfect for satisfying my clothing fancy without spending any money, right?

Finally signed up for it last night after hemming and hawing forever for no reason, as I often do. Sure is fun. Yup, super good times you guys. I was totally absorbed in making my first set last night when my mom rudely interrupted me.

"What are you posting about tomorrow Amelia?"
"I thought that's what you were doing..."
"I'm on Polyvore"
"It's a thing."

And that was enough explanation for her, I guess. But then, an hour or so later I was once again disrupted by questions.

"Amelia, are you going to post anything tomorrow?"
"YESS. I am thinking. While I am on Polyvore."
"...because it's getting lateish."
"Yeah, I'm waking up at 5:00 anyways, I'll just do it then. LOOK AT THIS DRESSSSSS."
Our So-Called Friend.
This is all I have to show for last night.
 So I wake up and brush my teeth and the baby comes and I put her to sleep and I sit down with my coffee and my mac and I go on Polyvore and start a new set.
How To Grow A Woman...
This is all I have to show for this morning.

 And mom comes downstairs.

"Did you decide what you're going to do your post about?"



  1. That is a very fun site. I showed it to Chelsea when I first heard about it. I'll bet she has forgotten. Maybe this post will get her back to it again.

  2. Nice collections. Oh, another Internet addiction that I do not need in my life, but I understand why it is enjoyable--all addictions are. ;)

  3. Yikes! Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, show this to my Star!!!!

    I am so happy you were so productive. Two birds with one stone. ;D

  4. Dear friend, this has nothing to do with productivity, Chanel, or waking up at 5am and EVERYTHING to do with that fact that you are welcome to email me - silly or not - anytime you want :-)
    So there.

  5. OOO, great collections. I like them -- a LOT!