Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Minor changes, blah blah blah, and something silly.

Look, look guys look!

I have decorated my blog for spring. Are you excited? I bet you are.

Wait, are you excited for spring or my slightly springy-er blog? Because my blog is way more interesting than, you know, flowers and colours and nice weather and outside things.

But, no, really, the weekend's blizzard snow is almost gone, and while I have yet to see anything actually growing, I went outside without a coat and only froze a little bit. Maybe spring is actually here? Maybe March will actually go out like a lamb?

It smells like spring at least!

Anyways, please be patient with me and my occasionally funny looking page, I'm going to be trying to make it prettier while still keeping lots of white space. Because I love white space and I love pretty things. And maybe it will motivate me to be diligent and post more, since I do not seem to be posting four times a week like I wanted to!

Actually, it seems like almost everyone is going through a bit of a blogging lull. Is this the case? Or am I insane? Probably I am insane!

Everyone, everyone, I hope your week has been good, I hope your Wednesday is lovely! Here is something that never fails to make me smile


  1. I've noticed the blogging lull as well. I wonder if it's a cyclical phenomenon? I thought you were just trying to be mysterious and leave us hungry for updates. ;)

  2. I think it all is just spring fever!

  3. Well, it's not spring fever at this end of the world. ;P We're busy & I'm overwhelmed [what's new?] & now I have a case of the blahs from being busy & overwhelmed.

  4. Hey! I'm on your blog!!! O-My-Goodness ;-p
    I like the pretty whiteness of your page, and I look forward to seeing what you'll do with the place....

  5. We have been listening to this song over and over! I put it on at 6 am to torture my children. They had it on and were dancing when I got home from work. We even learned the moves from Mr. Mehndi. Sweet!