Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some vices.

Here is a picture of my hand. Notice anything odd?

Go ahead, click on the picture. I'll wait.


Well...the other day when I said that my main vice was buying clothing? That may not have been strictly accurate. It's very possible that my main vice is epic nail-biting.

Really epic nail-biting.

I've chewed my nails since I had teeth. This bad habit is over 19 years old you guys! And after trying every cure known to man and womankind I have been forced to acknowledge that maybe I'm never going to stop and I'm going to be a ninety year old lady who still bites her nails down to lengths previously thought impossible and who pretty much never got to use her massive nail polish collection.

There's another vice guys. I buy too much nail polish. I see a beautiful colour at Target and I just can't help myself. I follow nail polish trends for goodness sake (Gunmetal greys, baby blues, nudes, all "in" this spring). Probably this is the silliest way of spending my time, my money, and my brainspace. 

Amelia. Enough is enough woman. Just give up, your nail polish dreams will never come true. Resign yourself to your fate.


 And then the lightbulb went on. Bing. Who says I have to paint my own pitiful nails? There are other people who can use my nail polish expertise. People with, you know, fingernails. Woah, I just blew my own mind.

First victim- my sister Louisa.


Aaaaaand she liked them!!

And I think they turned out pretty good!!

And it was way more fun than doing my own fingers has ever been. Really.

So I guess the question now is...does anyone want their nails done?


  1. I bit my nails for the longest time. You can do it!!!

  2. know my daughter that is 20 months I just noticed has started to chew her nails and I have already started the NO! Stop it! Hopefully it will work :oP Good luck! you can do it. Love the nails! I wouldn't mind my nails getting done but my hands are in too much water and normally it comes right off :0(

  3. I do! I want my nails done! To be honest...I bite my nails when I'm they aren't really paint-able either. Love the kiwi nails!

  4. YOU PAINTED NAILS TO LOOK LIKE KIWIS!!! Whoop-dee-stinkin'-boy-howdy-do!! That is soooo cool, and right now I wish I painted my nails. It would even be worth it to bite them first, I reckon. But that's not being very encouraging, is it? *Meekly goes to sit in the corner*
    You can do it. You know what? I chewed my nails almost to the point of obsession (almost, I say because I don't obsess about anything- *snicker snicker*) And you know what else? I despaired of ever changing my nervous ways. But you know what else, else? I noticed that when I started knitting (also almost to the point of obsession) my nails got really long and nice. Hmmmmmm. And now they are in need of looking like kiwis...

  5. I have the same "problem". I don't really bite my nails when I'm nervous, I just really like doing it. Is that weird? I don't really like the look of my nails when they are grown out either. Boy, what a help I am being. ;)

  6. OOOOh, I want my nails done!!! Those kiwi nails are so stinking cute! I wish I could paint my fingernails, but my hands are too unsteady, I've never been able to make them look nice. I am about to go paint my toe nails a nice bright lime green for St. Patrick's day tomorrow though! WOO!
    Ya sure you want to come all the way down to Arizona to do my nails?! :D If you like warm weather, you'd love it here, it's in the 80's, bright sunshiney, and all the trees and flowers are blooming :D

  7. I forgot the mention - I bit my nails for *years* Then I became a germaphobe , and my mom used that to help me quite. Mentioning how many germs lurked under my nails and such. Thankfully the germaphobia was short lived, but I did quit biting my nails, and haven't done it since.

  8. lol Not only are the nails super cool but you have hit on a super cool way to make a little egg money. Anyone want their nails painted? Minimum charge but I bet you'd get takers at the fete of markets or somewhere.

  9. Bethany, I hope I can! My mom says my hands will become deformed if I keep on, like this, I don't know if she's joking or not...

    Nabila, AHH, STOP HER WHILE YOU CAN. Mothers, do not let your children grow up like me :P

    Jenni, I would totally do your nails, short or not!

    Ann, you know what? I found a tutorial for doing Van Gogh Starry Night nails and I SO wish I could try it out on you! Maybe I'll do it on my sister and post up pics? And you know what's funny? The reason I can't knit is because it makes me crazy not being able to bite my nails!! What is the deal with that? Maybe I should try again, eh?

    Sarah, I don't bite my nails when I'm nervous either, I just bite them all the time! It's such a silly habit :)

    Elissa, Honestly, I hate the hot weather! My face gets all red and sweaty...but I would brave the heat to paint your nails like silly fruit, no lie, I totally would. As a congats for quitting the nail biting, perhaps :P

    Ganeida, Oh man, I WISH I could make money doing this...really, I'm having a hard time finding volunteers...isn't that the saddest thing?

  10. I used to bite my nails and stopped when I was just about your age, I think. Unfortunately, I dislike the feel of nail polish on my nails...yes, I am that sensitive to know which finger nails have the stuff on them; it just feels like they are not getting oxygen, perhaps because I have thin weak nails generally. One thing I read when I was a teenager is that most people begin biting their nails because their cuticles are too dry, so I began using lotions and oils on nails and cuticles. I also began filing and buffing my nails almost daily and whenever I go the urge to bite my nails, I would buff them instead. They looked better and felt better, but my nails were still weak and later on I learned that myrrh oil strengthens nails and found a product called Onymyrrhe. It is not only is great for your nails, but it tastes terrible enough you will not want to bite them.

  11. My mom said paint your nails when YOU ARE biting them, because when they look pretty it helps you resist the bite long enough for the nails to grow in a bit. She was right! Paint 'em even if they are tiny nubs! Sounds weird, but it works. The only time I don't bite is when I paint my nails, which is rare because I can't stay still long enough for my nails to dry!

  12. me and I miss you and your mommy and sisters and brother(s)

  13. Yes, I tear my nails and always have. Last week, on a whim, I painted them - just one quick coat on the way to church, nothing fancy. And I haven't torn a single nail all week. In fact, I filed them this morning cuz I want to paint them again on the way to church. :)