Thursday, March 17, 2011

Something very close to my heart.

So, I had a post all planned for tomorrow. All written out, in fact. As, you know, a part of my quest for betterment of self and being responsible and posting and such. And I saved it, and I went to check my feed. And I saw that a few people I am following had posted the same thing. They aren't posting anything tomorrow, they are participating in a blogging day of silence for Japan.

For Japan With Love

When I was fifteen years old I had the chance to go to Japan with a family from my church. The husband is a Japanese teacher and the wife is Japanese, born and raised in Sapporo. At the time they had three kids and I went along, kind of as a mother's helper but mostly because they were kind enough to let me...and it was the most amazing experience of my life. Even then, my heart went out to the people there. Did you know that less that 3% of Japan is Christian? Their culture is such that it is nearly impossible to evangelize to them. I want to say more on that, and someday I will, but it's 11:50 and I only have 10 minutes left!

Anyways, this disaster affected me massively. On Wednesday, one of that family's little boys was telling me about the nuclear meltdowns and how there were whirlpools and waves and fires. And all I could think of was his family over there, all the people that I met and knew and love and pray for, and how I wish I could just fly over there and DO SOMETHING.

So, this is what I'm doing, I guess. I know I only have a few followers, but it's a start, right? And I'm not trying to guilt you into donating, but if you would just send off a prayer when you read this...a prayer for their physical needs as well as their spiritual ones. Because God is Great, and he can make good come out of the worst situations imaginable.

It's 11:57! I just made it I think!!


  1. I will continue praying for those dear people. I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like!!

    It is so neat to know that you have been there.

  2. I have had friends that lived and visited there. It is an interesting culture and the thing that will leave an impression on me is how there has been no looting. People of such high principles even though not Christian! Yet, in all things God avails Himself and provides believers opportunity to share our faith. My first prayers are for them recognize the Lord, who loves them.