Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Update in Nanny-Land

So, in the universe of baby and me, all is going well. She is basically the best child anyone could ever hope to nanny, and I love her, LOVE HER, to itty bitty tiny bits and pieces.

Being home is also the best.

Good times you guys, real good times.

Only thing is...I haven't been quite as productive as I had planned to be. It turns out babies take up all your time. Who could possibly have imagined that?! I'm getting all (well, err, most) of the things I need to get done done, but my extracurriculars are falling by the wayside. 

A few weeks ago, Diana (sweet baby Ariana's mother) called me up and told me she wanted to apply for a new job, since she was massively unhappy at her current one. Um, yeah, go for it Diana!! Why ask me? Welllll, it's only three days a week, but it's twelve hour shifts. 6:00am-6:00pm. And the days would vary, but you'd get them four weeks in advance...would you be okay with that? 


Yes, I would TOTALLY be okay with that!!

So this was the first week of the new long shift job. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I got the baby at 5:15 and she went home at 7:00. And I am thrilled.

I am not thrilled about waking up at 4:45. Noo, no sir. But I am thrilled about having four days off! I have the time now to really be productive, and to better keep to my plan for self betterment, and to sleep more because I love to sleep so much, and to help with Noah's school, and to actually cook dinner, and to finish and send out the two billion packages I have for people, and all sorts of other lovely things.

It's kind of amazing how God just keeps giving and giving and giving.


  1. Isn't that wonderful :o) I work 3 days a week doing hair and they can be long days and then have 4 off. Some days I'm a bit sluggish on my days off from being tired but over all it's the best of the best! ;o)

  2. How awesome!
    I am glad she is a good baby. I'll bet she loves you back!!
    Babies are amazingly demanding, even the easiest of babies...it is just the nature of things. She is blessed to have you when her Mommy is at work!

  3. Are you helping Noah with his math? *snigger* I hope you are very, very productive indeed!

  4. Amen!! Nanny Dearest, I am so glad you enjoying your life at home, it is wonderful indeed. God does provide :-)
    God bless ya!

  5. I loved the baby years because it made me focus on what was really necessary to do and what was not. For instance, according to my daughter, it was very necessary to read lots and lots of books, about two hours a day total every day and the same ones over and over too, but she loved reading and began early so it was worth it all. So glad that you are enjoying being a nanny and that you now have four days off each week...doesn't happen in motherhood.

  6. You look BEAUTIFUL in this picture, btw! And I love that our God just gives and gives and gives. I believe it is also because you give, give, and give.

  7. LOVE the photo! It does sound like a good schedule, if a tiring one. I so enjoy your thoughts. xoxo

  8. Hello Amelia! I am an avid reader of your mother's blog Tomato Soup Cake and find it to be very inspiring. Which is how I discovered you. You and your mother share the writing talent, that's definitely for sure! Love your blog and enjoy the days off from time to time -- I have six ranging from nine years old to four months old, and it's a whirlwind!